Top K-Pop producer in Korea. K-Pop, which has dramatically evolved in recent years and now heard all over the world, one of the composers who had been always in the industry for a very long time, Jack. Founder of JXL Trax head quarters in Seoul.

In 2014, he formed JXL Trax Manila branch to further develop the Philippine market and now is producing top artists in the Philippines. After that, he met J.S thru Roe Jay,
“From Asia to U.S, Europe, and the world music scenes, Let’s jack on! “. Apparently it seems the beginning of United Asians. It’s not just a copy of the trend.

He plays almost all musical instruments of the song by himself. Composed all-genre musics. Anyone who listens to his music will be addicted by it’s “Drug beats”
That’s the kind of music he produces.

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