J.S aka HAR-CO

The late 30’s aged industry veteran came back from NYC to fulfill his dream scheme United Asian Records. With the idea of music has it’s own language J.S aka Har-co aims to support the budding artist in their journey. Apart from being the CEO of Music label United Asians, Mr. Har-co himself is an actor, songwriter, music video producer, and a full-time philanthropist. Born in Tokyo, Japan Mr. Har-co has worked with performers all around the globe. He has been versatile in his art and can rap in multiple languages.

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Jack, we love Jack. The top K-Pop producer from Korea who has molded the JXL Trax media since 2014. Jack has been there since the dramatic progression of the K-pop industry in recent years. He is currently helping artists in the Philippines with a platform besides past aid in Eurasia and the States. Jack can play almost every musical instrument and has composed multi-genre songs. His music is also known as ‘Drug Beats’ due to its addictive tunes.

Everybody's at war with different things...I'm at war with my own heart sometimes.

- Tupac

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